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Flexibility, Planning Lead to Pop-Up Business Success

By Matt Ashby, AICP CUD, and Amanda Arnold, AICP In last week’s blog, we talked about the benefits of pop-ups to your community and its businesses, residents, and local government. With the potential to bolster downtowns suffering from empty storefronts, while creating opportunities for emerging or expanding businesses and also securing income for landlords, embracing… Read More »

Pop-Up Businesses Energize Communities

By Matt Ashby, AICP CUD, and Amanda Arnold, AICP Is your downtown feeling a little empty and in need of a boost? You’re not alone; many downtowns and rural communities have struggled with empty storefronts over the years, and the COVID-19 pandemic will likely increase the number of vacancies. However, the shutdowns and social distancing… Read More »

Clients Can Find Success with Fast-Track Project Schedule

The term “fast-tracked” is often overused in our industry. Fast-tracked defines a design process that begins before all the information is known, in hopes redesign is not required once that information is acquired. Architects, planners, and engineers often need months and sometimes years to guide a project through the schematic design and planning phase, only… Read More »