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Managing Stormwater in Impervious Environments

By Craig Schuh, PE Water that collects after a rain or snowmelt must go somewhere. It may pool and eventually evaporate and/or seep into the ground. It may follow the contour of the land and run into a stream or ditch. In either case, vegetation slows the water’s flow, promotes infiltration, and helps filter out… Read More »

Permeable Pavement, Pavers Can Be Part of Stormwater Management Solution

Here’s an intriguing thought: Sometimes the best pavement surface is one that isn’t dense and solid. Permeable pavement – also called pervious paving – allows runoff and rainfall to infiltrate through the surface to the soil below. That can be a real asset for communities searching for ways to more effectively move water off streets,… Read More »

Planning with an Eagle Eye: Highway Project Brings Bird-Watching Bonus

By Chris Silewski, PLA If you have a public space to design, it’s best to ask the public what they would like designed. Then be ready to work with the many public sector entities, businesses, and organizations that all need the project to fit in reasonably with surrounding infrastructure and stakeholders’ dreams for the future.… Read More »