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How Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling Solved Aging Dam Dilemma

By Matthew Hickox, PE When complex issues at dams arise due to rapid change or unforeseen deterioration, industry standard design equations and methodologies developed in the 20th century cannot always provide the correct solution. Fortunately, engineers are increasingly able to turn to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models to confirm the hydraulics situation so that appropriateā€¦ Read More »

FHWA Hydraulic Videos Train Engineers

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently expanded its YouTube presence by creating a series of educational videos that showcase the use of a portable flume to visualize open-channel flow and culvert design concepts. The portable flume is a small open channel (6 inches wide and 5 feet long) that fits on a tabletop and recirculatesā€¦ Read More »