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In a Work Zone? Hang Up the Phone

Cell phones are everywhere – including on the highways. How many times have you seen someone driving along, gabbing on the phone? How many times have you done it yourself? It’s convenient to be able to stay in touch with anyone, anytime. But when you’re driving, it’s not safe. Back in 2014 the National Safety… Read More »

Rumble Strips Help Keep Drivers Safe

Highway rumble strips are a not-so-gentle reminder of curves or other roadway changes, and safety is their primary objective. In fact, rumble strips do a pretty good job of keeping drivers safe. According to the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), crashes were reduced on rural and urban two-lane roadways by 45% and 64%, respectively,… Read More »

From Bikinis to Snow Boots, US 41’s Seen It All

US Highway 41, a noteworthy cross-country highway, holds a special distinction for Ayres Associates. Not only have we worked on multiple projects along the road, but the highway also connects our offices from Florida to Wisconsin. The two ends of US 41 could not be more different. The road starts its trek northward in bustling… Read More »