Tag: Dam Repair

How to Cure Concrete in Cold Conditions

By Pete Haug, PE, and Todd Rudolph, PE In any process where water is involved, crossing the freezing mark can be a deal breaker. That is the case for curing concrete, which needs to happen above freezing. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in curing that takes significantly longer – and possibly concrete… Read More »

Grants Make Essential Dam Fixes Fiscally Feasible

By Pete Haug, PE Dams, like any other type of infrastructure, eventually need repair, reconstruction, or modification to improve safety and extend their useful life. Dams also sometimes need to be abandoned and removed. Whether it’s making repairs or taking a dam out completely, it all costs money. Case Study: Pigeon River Dam Consider the… Read More »

Hinged Floating Bulkhead Saves Time, Money on Hydro Projects

When a dam needs maintenance, operators need to get the water away from the structure so the work can be done. Achieving dry working conditions can be difficult and time consuming. The hinged floating bulkhead has proved to be a safe and speedy way to get the water out and repairs started. This dewatering system… Read More »