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How to Design a Better Parking Lot

By Scott Maier, PE Parking lots are not generally known as the most orderly environment in modern society. A poorly designed parking lot could easily be compared to the bumper cars at the county fair. But a well-designed, well-maintained parking lot helps people get in efficiently, find their way to a stall, walk safely to… Read More »

Accessible Sidewalks Serve All Users

As simple as it seems, the design of good sidewalks requires a fair amount of technical consideration. Generally we think of sidewalks as a type of transportation infrastructure – a way to get where we’re going on foot – and we tend to overlook the regulations that keep our sidewalks safe and accessible for all… Read More »

Carefully Designed Sidewalks Take Center Stage

Most people probably don’t spend much time thinking about sidewalks unless they: A) Have to pay for one. B) Have to walk in the street because their neighborhood lacks them. However, engineers and landscape architects give a lot of thought to sidewalks and/or multi-use paths when these pedestrian lanes are a part of their projects. A worn… Read More »