Tag: 3D Graphics

Seeing the Future: Graphic Visualizations Help Showcase Project Potential

By Chris Silewski, PLA Bringing a client’s vision to life is part of an engineer, architect, or landscape architect’s job, but until construction begins, a 2D set of plan sheets may not be enough to help people visualize what the completed project could look like. How do consultants bridge this gap? Depending on the project,… Read More »

Game On! Pokémon Go and Real-World Applications

As people scour the countryside trying to catch Pokémon, engineers and architects and scientists are working from top to bottom and side to side – calculating X Y coordinates and using sophisticated 3D analysis tools – to perform specialized and highly technical geographic work not unlike the GPS-driven augmented reality game. Pokémon Go, the wildly… Read More »

A Walk in the Park: Public Engagement Made Easy

Public engagement seems like it should be simple – just ask for people’s opinions and show them a few possibilities, right? As most in the public sector could tell you, it’s rarely that easy. Getting your community’s residents to show up, get involved, and support a project takes creativity and enthusiasm – and it helps… Read More »