Grafton Bridge Street Dam

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This dam project required both technical skill and sensitivity to the role the facility plays in the identity of the Village of Grafton. Ayres designed increased spillway capacity for the Bridge Street Dam, whose arch-shaped spillway in the heart of downtown Grafton is a focal point of the community.

The upstream impoundment includes a pedestrian walkway and overlook area, so the design included landscape elements and an elevated pool. Increased spillway capacity was obtained through a crest gate on the left side of the dam and a stepped spillway on the right side. The design included several retaining walls, some of which had to be anchored into bedrock.

The Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin awarded Staab Construction the 2016 General Contractor Award in the Industrial Projects New Construction & Renovation category for this project.

Project Information

Client's Name

Village of Grafton


Grafton, WI

Primary Service

River Engineering + Water Resources


Local Government