Woodley Dam Removal and Channel Stabilization

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The Woodley Dam in Polk County, Wisconsin, was extensively damaged by flooding. The damage and the condition of the dam prompted the County to retain Ayres for assistance in removing the structure. Ayres provided design, drawings, plans, specifications, bidding, and construction administration services.

The design became quite involved due to the parties that were involved and their use of the stream and surrounding area. The local snowmobile club, river association, and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources differed on how the stream should look and function after removal of the dam. After several public meetings to hear everyone’s concerns, Ayres completed a project design that met stream protection goals, reduced stream velocities to allow passage of target species of fish in the stream, and replaced a snowmobile trail that had crossed the dam. After the dam was removed, a prefabricated steel truss bridge for snowmobile use was installed.

The project included dam removal, dredging, channel stabilization, and bridge installation and was completed in about a year for at least $100,000 less than initial estimates.

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Polk County


Balsam Lake, WI

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River Engineering + Water Resources


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