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Todd Rudolph

Water Resources Engineer

Eau Claire, WI

"Working on dams provides me with challenging work since each dam has its own unique characteristics. I enjoy interacting with dam owners to not only help them with their project but also learn from them and their experiences in the operation of the dam."
Todd Rudolph

In my over two decades at Ayres, I have performed a variety of engineering tasks, including hydraulic and hydrologic computations; design and inspection of hydraulic structures, such as gate design and inspection; and related structural design. I also provide construction inspection support, and I am an approved Part 12D inspector for Federal Regulatory Energy Commission (FERC) dams.

I am Ayres' lead structural engineer for the design of hinged floating bulkheads, which have been used nationwide for dewatering hydro project spillways during rehabilitation, construction, and testing of spillway gates.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Construction observation
  • Hydraulic design
  • Floating bulkhead design
  • Flood studies
  • Riprap design
  • Reinforced concrete design
  • Structural steel design
  • Hydrologic studies
  • BS, Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • Registered Professional Engineer, NC
  • Registered Professional Engineer, WV
  • Registered Professional Engineer, VA
  • Registered Professional Engineer, MI
  • Registered Professional Engineer, SC
  • Registered Professional Engineer, MN
  • Registered Professional Engineer, WI
  • Registered Professional Engineer, PA