Singh Property Restoration Plan

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The Nature Conservancy (TNC) selected Ayres to conduct a hydraulic analysis of its proposed restoration plans for the Singh Unit adjacent to the Sacramento River in Northern California near Chico. The property is part of the Bidwell-Sacramento River State Park. California State Parks is managing a proposed riparian restoration of the property and must obtain a floodplain use permit from the Central Valley Flood Protection Board.

Ayres updated two-dimensional hydraulic models we previously developed for other projects along this reach of the Sacramento River. The hydraulic model was updated with more recent topographic data to more accurately represent existing conditions. Ayres updated the hydraulic model to represent potential future restored conditions, including the removal of two small berms.

The results from the two models were compared to assess potential impacts (negative or positive) to neighboring properties, waterways, and levees. A qualitative evaluation of erosion and sedimentation potential was conducted. Evaluations included determining if potential depositional areas exist due to significantly reduced velocities. The evaluation also included a review of shear stress difference plots to determine if areas of increased erosion potential exist.

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The Nature Conservancy


Hamilton City, CA

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River Engineering + Water Resources


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