Edlen Cranberry Company New Dam

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Edlen Cranberry Company retained Ayres to design a new dam on Five Mile Creek. Clark County owned the previous Five Mile Creek dam, and Edlen Cranberry used the pool for pumping cranberry production water. The County announced plans to abandon the dam, and Edlen Cranberry purchased land to construct a new dam. Services included reviewing dam removal plans; coordinating geotechnical investigations; completing topographic survey; determining stream hydrology and dam hydraulics to pass the 100-year storm; determining the 10-year storm for the design of a cofferdam/bypass channel during construction; and providing final plans and an opinion of probable costs. The final spillway design is a split leaf gate that will pass the 100-year storm. The project included assistance with bidding and construction observation.

Project Information

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Edlen Cranberry Company


Humbird, WI

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River Engineering + Water Resources


Industrial + Manufacturing