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Pavement Markings, Crosswalk Beacons Help Students Get Back to School

Green bike lanes and bike box and continental crosswalks in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin By Tristan Hickman, PE As students in many parts of the nation begin a new academic year, families face the question of how their children will safely reach school. If the commute is relatively short, a simple and healthy solution is for children… Read More »

Cities Find Shared-Use Streets Just Woonerf-ul

A new old street design concept with a funny name is popping up in communities throughout the world. The woonerf (click here for pronunciation) is Dutch for “living street” and is reminiscent of an Old World village square. A woonerf-styled street is shared by cars, trucks, bikes, and people without the need for traffic lights,… Read More »

Mixed (Traffic) Signals: Myths and Truths

By John Davis, PE, PTOE, TSOS I’ve been a traffic engineer enough years (I stopped counting after 25) to have heard it all when it comes to theories about how traffic signals work. Here are some of my top traffic signal myths with some truths mixed in for fun: No. 1: If you see a… Read More »