Tag: Structural Inspection

Does My Bridge Need An Inspection?

Inspections are not required for this “nonqualifying” bridge in Broomfield, Colorado, but the City and County have such structures inspected regularly anyway. By Brian Schroeder, PE, CBI, CWI The federal government oversees and tracks the inspection and condition of the nation’s more than 600,000 bridges and pays for much of the repair and replacement to… Read More »

Navigating New Ground: Knowing Rules of Commercial UAS Use is Crucial

An unmanned aircraft system (UAS) was used to inspect the lighting assembly at the top of a high mast light pole approximately 120 feet in the air. By David Crissey Examining and evaluating the structural integrity of the signs above you, the traffic and signal poles alongside you on the highway, and the bridges you… Read More »

Inspections Aim to Keep Signs Up Where They Belong

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign Blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind, Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?” These lyrics from 1970 (Five Man Electrical Band) are more true today than ever. Whether we’re at the grocery store, airport, zoo, state park, or driving down the highway, signs of all shapes… Read More »