Tag: Streambank Protection

Webinar Examines Streambank Stabilization

As part of the NCHRP research project, small willow cuttings were harvested and then grown for about seven months in a Colorado State University (CSU) greenhouse in Fort Collins. Then cranes were used to place 20-foot-long, 15-ton “planter trays” of willows in CSU’s research flume. In August and September 2014, water was run through the… Read More »

Ayres Engineer Steers Influential Hydraulics Research Committee

Paul Clopper, PE, director of applied technology for Ayres Associates, was recently appointed chairman of the Hydraulics Subcommittee of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee on Hydrology, Hydraulics and Water Quality. The subcommittee identifies gaps in knowledge where the worlds of water and transportation intersect, and it encourages research to close those gaps. The result… Read More »