Webinar Examines Streambank Stabilization

As part of the NCHRP research project, small willow cuttings were harvested and then grown for about seven months in a Colorado State University (CSU) greenhouse in Fort Collins. Then cranes were used to place 20-foot-long, 15-ton “planter trays” of willows in CSU’s research flume. In August and September 2014, water was run through the… Read More »

Matrix Riprap Provides More Riverbank Protection at Lower Cost

By Christopher Pletcher and Will deRosset The faster that water rushes through a river, the more erosion occurs on the river’s banks. Riverbank erosion can lead to a host of problems, including compromised bridges and adjacent roadways and loss of property. Protecting riverbanks from erosion correlates directly to increasing public safety. Water moving downhill has… Read More »