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Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Graduates

By Troy Robillard, PE Engineers make things work. As our world becomes increasingly dependent on innovation and technology, a deeper understanding of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is becoming increasingly important. This evolution creates a gap between the marketplace demand for STEM graduates and those with the skills to fill those positions. (Learn more… Read More »

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Engineers Tasked with Helping Fish Get Past Dams — But Only Certain Species

By Pete Haug, PE Dams can provide great economic benefits to society – irrigation, clean energy, recreation – but often they have an unintended consequence: Fish lose their freedom of movement on a dammed river, which can wreck spawning and migratory patterns. Potamodromous fish (those that desire to migrate as part of their biological cycle)… Read More »

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Schreiber’s Passion Was Example of Why We Need Registered Professionals

Dave Schreiber was closely involved with the site design and planning for the Truax Campus of Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin. Dave Schreiber His dedication to raising the professional status of landscape architects through licensure is one of the many strengths of Dave Schreiber that recently made him the worthy recipient of the Wisconsin Chapter… Read More »

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