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Remote Vehicle Serves as Inspectors’ Eyes in Tight Culverts

It’s kind of an overgrown, odd-looking remote control boat. However, its use is anything but child’s play in the collection of important data during the inspection of submerged culverts and hard-to-reach structures. Ayres’ structural inspectors have been using a remote-operated vehicle (ROV) to inspect submerged culverts as part of a Wisconsin Department of Transportation statewide… Read More »

Safer Intersections Turning Up in Wisconsin

J-turn intersections are starting to work their way into Wisconsin, usually where a fairly busy state or county road meets a 65 mph four-lane highway. You can find them near Superior (US 53 and County Highway B) and Green Bay (State Highway 29 and County Highway VV, which was designed by Ayres). Several more are… Read More »