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Subsurface Utility Engineering: A Wise Investment

By Kasey Hayes In today’s world, building and rebuilding are facts of life – from wider roads to larger housing complexes, bigger buildings, and revitalized downtowns. While these changes to roads and buildings are highly visible, within every project is an often-underemphasized component – the utility infrastructure. About the Expert: Kasey Hayes is a subsurface… Read More »

Better SUE Than Sorry: Locating Utilities Safely

“JEA (Jacksonville Electric Authority) crews hit water main, gas line in same day.” – April 2016 “30-inch water main ruptures in Orlando.” – April 2016 “Natural gas leak closes SR 54 in Pasco County.” – June 2016 These recent news stories in Florida have one thing in common: construction crews accidentally striking utilities while excavating… Read More »