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9 Questions Your Senior Living Design Team Should Ask

You’ve done the initial planning for your next senior living community. Your market study shows there is sufficient demand, you’ve got a great location, and a business plan is in place. Congratulations! You’re ready to brainstorm with your architecture and engineering team on bringing the project to life. It’s the time when you can dream… Read More »

Senior Living Interiors Need to Impress, Perform, and Last

By Anne Peterson, NCIDQ When most people think of interior design, they think of someone with an eye for color and a flair for accessories who picks out paint, flooring, and stylish décor. When it comes to interior design for senior living communities, however, the reality can be much more challenging due to the special… Read More »

Resolved: To Design an Even Better 2016 for You

The end of the calendar year is a good time to reflect – not only on the past 52 weeks but also on what lies ahead. If you’re planning to make a New Year’s resolution but have procrastinated to the point of thinking, “Forget it. Maybe I’ll do that next year,” don’t fear. 123NewYear.com has… Read More »