Tag: Safety

How to Design a Better Parking Lot

By Scott Maier, PE Parking lots are not generally known as the most orderly environment in modern society. A poorly designed parking lot could easily be compared to the bumper cars at the county fair. But a well-designed, well-maintained parking lot helps people get in efficiently, find their way to a stall, walk safely to… Read More »

Resilience and Sustainability: Now and Later

By Subrata Bandy There is no question the pandemic has shifted priorities for a lot of individuals and entities. This past year has forced us to become resilient, as businesses, communities, and people. Resilience is the ability to recover quickly and bounce back from difficult situations. But the trend we are seeing is that we’re… Read More »

Slim Down for Safety: Even Roads Go on Diets

Mark Petersen, PE While many well-intentioned resolutions to slim down and shape up are broken within the first few weeks of the year, the type of diet we engineers are most familiar with is designed to extend well into the new year and beyond. Here are some insights into how (and why) engineers sometimes put… Read More »