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Defining the Waters of the United States

Ayres’ East Side Detention Facility project in Colorado required water quality permitting through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. By Karen Menne-Jacobsen, PE, CFM We need clean water to drink and stay healthy. Streams, lakes, rivers, and other water bodies filter pollutants, recharge groundwater, slow erosion, provide wildlife habitat, offer flood protection, and have abundant… Read More »

Why Are Wetlands Critical? Think Flood Control, Clean Water

Can you think of a single popular saying that uses the word “bog” or “swamp” in a positive way? Good luck. Not that long ago, bogs and swamps were viewed as areas that were too wet for any productive use, home to buzzing mosquitos and strange plants. That image is changing. Bogs, swamps, marshes, and… Read More »

Well-Engineered Landfills Protect Water Supply

By Bill Honea, PG Water is always on the move: down from the clouds as rain or snow, into the soil and eventually groundwater, back out again through streams and wells, evaporating from water bodies and transpiring from plants and animals back into the atmosphere to return to us again as precipitation. The water we… Read More »