Painting the Town Red: What Colors Tell Us About Underground Utilities

With spring setting in and the construction season beginning in earnest, you may notice some “graffiti” marking up a sidewalk, intersection, or lawn in your neighborhood. The varied paint colors (often accompanied by bouquets of small flags) may just seem like clutter as you move past. But for those who will be digging there soon,… Read More »

Turning Back the Clock: Park Site Returning to Pre-industrial State

By Jacob Blue, PLA An ecological transformation is taking shape in South Beloit, Illinois. Known as Nature at the Confluence, the effort will transform an undeveloped vacant area at the confluence of Turtle Creek and the Rock River into a 34-acre park and preserve dedicated to connecting people of all ages and abilities with the… Read More »

Improvements Increase Dam Safety, Capacity

Spring is in the air. Mother Nature made it official on Sunday, and Ayres Associates is following suit: The spring edition of our corporate magazine, TRENDS, went to press this week. In case your copy hasn’t arrived yet, here’s a sneak peek into what’s inside. (And if you don’t yet receive our magazine, click here… Read More »