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How to Make Curves Safer: High Friction Surface Treatment One of Many Options

The I-43/I-41 HFST shows up as a texturized surface that improves grip on this curved fly-over ramp. Verville Roth By Phillip Verville III, PE, and William Roth, PE Traveling down a straight stretch of highway generally is not a high-risk endeavor. Throw in a curve and some rain or snow, though, and your chances of… Read More »

Rumble Strips Help Keep Drivers Safe

Highway rumble strips are a not-so-gentle reminder of curves or other roadway changes, and safety is their primary objective. In fact, rumble strips do a pretty good job of keeping drivers safe. According to the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), crashes were reduced on rural and urban two-lane roadways by 45% and 64%, respectively,… Read More »