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Have Questions About IIJA Funding? We’ve Got Answers.

By Scott Wilson, PSS Over $268 million and counting. Ayres helped our clients secure another $41 million in grants and loans in the past 13 months, bringing us to well over a quarter billion in funding success over the past 25 years. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) funding is still being allocated toward roads,… Read More »

End Goal Helps Clients Obtain Success

By Scott Wilson, PSS From working on thousands of projects over the years, we’ve learned that communities find the most success when they start with the end in mind, especially on complicated projects involving multiple grants and funding sources. Most communities feel the pinch of tight budgets and need to rely on grants to get… Read More »

It Just Makes Cents: Four Ways to Save Money on Your New Building

Few people in the world can truly say “money is no object” when undertaking a building project. The vast majority have to grapple with limited funds, and they need to get as much value as possible from each project dollar they spend. So how can architects and engineers (AE) help their clients do that? Keeping… Read More »