Adams County Fawn Lake Dam Outlet Structure Repairs

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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) directed the Adams County Land and Water Conservation Department to investigate repair and/or replacement options for a leaking stoplog riser and outlet structure at the 1970-era Fawn Lake Dam. The WDNR also directed the County to repair a toe drain that was plugged near a power pole.

Ayres Associates provided several options for replacing the stoplog riser with precast components and suggested the County accept alternative bids of full pipe replacement in lieu of pipe slip-lining for this 130-foot-long outlet structure. Ayres also advised the County that a full lake drawdown would save significant dewatering costs and make the construction project less risky. This innovative project approach saved the County $100,000 off the original budget. The engineering and construction phases were completed in August 2017 for about $250,000.

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Adams County Land and Water Conservation Department


Friendship, WI

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River Engineering + Water Resources

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