Adams County Fawn Lake Dam Outlet Structure Repairs

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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) directed the Adams County Land and Water Conservation Department to investigate repair and/or replacement options for a leaking stoplog riser and outlet structure at the 1970-era Fawn Lake Dam. The WDNR also directed the County to repair a toe drain that was plugged near a power pole.

Ayres provided several options for replacing the stoplog riser with precast components and suggested the County accept alternative bids of full pipe replacement in lieu of pipe slip-lining for this 130-foot-long outlet structure. Ayres also advised the County that a full lake drawdown would save significant dewatering costs and make the construction project less risky. This innovative project approach saved the County $100,000 off the original budget. The engineering and construction phases were completed in August 2017 for about $250,000.

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Adams County Land and Water Conservation Department


Friendship, WI

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River Engineering + Water Resources


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