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Jacob Jensen

Supervisor - Land Survey

Green Bay, WI

I perform surveying, engineering, and construction-related tasks on projects for public and private clients. I serve as survey crew chief, complete section corner remonumentation, conduct real time kinematic and GPS fieldwork, review title reports, draft and review right-of-way plats, and write legal descriptions. I regularly perform boundary and utility surveys.

Through my experience in providing services to utility companies, I have gained a solid understanding of the terminology used on electrical distribution and transmission lines, and I've been a part of the process of placing a new utility into service. My utility specialization includes mastery of the following tasks:

  • Completing a design survey for the proposed route, including discussions with property owners in the field.
  • Completing a field boundary survey of right-of-ways and boundary lines being crossed by the proposed facility.
  • Reviewing and analyzing title work for affected parcels.
  • Preparing legal descriptions in metes and bounds, centerline, and blanket formats.
  • Drafting exhibits to be attached to the legal documents being recorded.
  • Field staking the utility right-of-way and structure locations for review and construction purposes.
  • Boating Safety Certification - Wisconsin
  • AS, Civil Engineering Technology, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
  • Professional Land Surveyor, WI
  • Professional Land Surveyor, SD
  • Professional Land Surveyor, WY