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Sewage Plant’s Struvite Problem Turned Into Useful Fertilizer

The process of harvesting struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate) to remove excess phosphorus from the anaerobic digestion process at wastewater treatment plants is simultaneously reducing operations/maintenance costs and creating small, round struvite particles suitable for reuse as a bagged fertilizer for gardens and indoor plants. An award-winning technical paper whose abstract is available here has called… Read More »

6 Reasons to Hire a Registered Professional

Why hire a registered professional? What difference does it make that your engineer, architect, geologist, landscape architect, surveyor, mapper, or soil scientist has a professional license? It makes all the difference if you want your project to be safe, long-lasting, and built to code. Arizona legislators introduced a bill earlier this year seeking to abolish… Read More »

RESISTOGRAPH Checks Soundness of Timber Structures

Wood was a primary building material used in many U.S. bridges a century ago. Timber bridges were tried-and-true, given the nature of what crossed them: people, animals, and eventually relatively light vehicles. Over time steel and concrete have become the primary materials in most bridges to handle heavier truck loads. Still, timber is used in… Read More »