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Happy Planning Month! Recognizing the Importance of Purposeful Community Planning

By Amanda Arnold, AICP It seems like everything has a day or a month associated with it these days, particularly on social media. There’s “National Son’s Day,” “National Hot Fudge Sundae Day,” and “National Mutt Day” (which is coming up in December, by the way) to name just a few. Then, of course, there’s “the… Read More »

Context Sensitive Solutions: Effective Design Through Collaboration

By Ken Voigt, PE For transportation engineers, design doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Many variables must be considered to make sure the final product makes sense in its community. This could mean the addition of bike lanes, sidewalks, or maybe the inclusion of decorative lighting. Who’s making these decisions? For most projects, many stakeholders are… Read More »

Why Urban Design Matters

  Why does Urban Design Matter? It ties together the moving parts of architecture, engineering, and planning to create one cohesive space.   Urban design is all about juggling – and arranging – a multitude of moving parts to holistically create a feeling. No, a place. No, a place with a certain feeling. Ultimately a… Read More »