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What Do Environmental Engineers and Environmental Scientists Do?

A five-year redevelopment effort turned the City of Glendale, Wisconsin’s former Bender Road Landfill site into a vibrant community park and collegiate-level baseball facility. By Scott Wilson, PSS On the highest level, environmental engineering has two goals. The first is to help correct the mistakes of the past that have led to the environmental issues… Read More »

From Trashy to Classy: Turning a Closed Landfill into a Community Asset in Cedar Rapids

Iowa isn’t known as a mountainous state. But there’s a hill in the heart of Cedar Rapids – a closed landfill known as Mount Trashmore – that looms along the Cedar River just southeast of downtown. The hill is highly visible from the vast majority of downtown Cedar Rapids, which is about 120 miles east… Read More »

News You Can Use! Construction, Aerial Imagery, Roundabouts, and Floods

Our corporate magazine, TRENDS, hit the streets this week. Here are some digital highlights. (To request a copy, click the link below.) Our cover story addresses the many challenges and considerations required on construction projects, explained in lay terms by experts working directly in all those orange-barreled construction zones we see so much this time… Read More »