We Energies Fond du Lac County Bridge Inspections

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We Energies contracted with Ayres to provide inspection and load rating for five bridges owned by Fond du Lac County. The bridges and culverts were along a route used to transport heavy components in the construction of a wind farm in Fond du Lac County, and the inspections were to assess the condition of the structures before and after construction of the wind farm project.

The initial inspections were completed before June 1, 2007, when the wind farm contractor was expected to mobilize. We Energies expected the heaviest loads to occur in the fall of 2007. A letter summarizing the load capacities and restrictions of the structures along with the associated computations was provided to We Energies before the scheduled mobilization of the heavy loads.

Post-construction observation and load ratings were completed in 2008, and the results were reported in writing to We Energies and Fond du Lac County.

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We Energies


Fond du Lac County, WI

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Structural Inspection


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