FDOT District 4 Asset Management Bridge Inspections

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TranSystems hired Ayres to perform and report on approximately 38 fixed routine underwater bridge inspections, 38 movable routine underwater inspections, 17 fixed routine topside and underwater inspections, and two topside and underwater inspections on fishing piers over a three-year period. Inspections were in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie Counties.

The topside inspections included hands-on and visual inspection of reinforced concrete piers, prestressed concrete girders, steel girders, and reinforced concrete decks. Access equipment, such as an under-bridge inspection vehicle (Snooper), was used to access the superstructure. The concrete was sounded, spalls and delamination identified, and all deficiencies identified by location, size, and severity.

The underwater inspections included Level 1 and Level 2 intensities. The Level 1 intensity included a “swim by” visual inspection to identify cracks and spalls in concrete members, undermining of footing or seals, and other apparent deficiencies. The Level 2 intensity included cleaning of marine growth on a minimum of 10% of the structure underwater or 12-inch-high bands around rectangular piles at the waterline, mid-depth, and streambed levels of 10% of the piles inspected. All deficiencies identified were reported by location, size, and severity.

Project challenges included working on navigable waterways, strong current, and limited visibility.

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