Fletcher Avenue over Hillsborough River Bridge Repairs

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This task involved inspection services and engineering design after a water main break caused erosion under the westbound lanes of East Fletcher Avenue, causing significant erosion around the Fletcher Avenue Bridge over the Hillsborough River. Services included investigation and testing to determine the extent of the damage and develop a repair and restoration plan. Services included review of the City of Tampa proposed water main repair, coordination with City representatives and the contractor, development of bridge repair plan, coordination with City of Tampa for completion of approved repairs and inspection, and certification of the final repairs.

This work was completed under a task work order-based contract with Hillsborough County to provide miscellaneous structural evaluations and repair designs, as well as other engineering services such as plans and report reviews for bridge designs and bridge hydraulics, preliminary engineering reports, scour evaluations, emergency evaluations, bridge replacement studies, and permitting. Ayres completed more than 50 structural and hydraulic reviews for the County under this contract.

Project Information

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Hillsborough County


Tampa, FL

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Structural Inspection


Local Government