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Highways Designed with Snow and Cold in Mind

By Eric Sorensen, PE From temperature extremes to drainage, roadway designers factor in the snow and cold when designing for our northern and mountain states. Let’s look at the properties of various pavement types and the basics of how that pavement is placed and treated for optimal performance in climates plagued by cold and snow.… Read More »

Northern Roads Need to Accommodate Plows, Snow

By Eric Sorensen, PE Snow: the s-word, the white stuff, whatever you want to call it, we get a lot of it in our northern and mountain states, and it has to go somewhere safely as it gets plowed off our streets and highways. Roadway designers need to factor in elements that allow it to… Read More »

Do Northern Construction Workers Hibernate All Winter?

Residents of northern states understand the simple reality that there are actually only two seasons: winter and road construction. In road construction season, workers in white and yellow hats (read here about what the colors mean) and safety vests are everywhere, getting highways and streets back into shape. But where do these construction engineers go,… Read More »