Tag: Sustainability

Native Plants Improve Environment, Reduce Maintenance Costs

By Karina Veaudry, PLA Native plants play such a critical role in our ecosystems. They have coevolved with the soils, rainfall patterns, and climatic conditions of a region. Native plants also have specialized relationships with the birds, butterflies, pollinators, and other wildlife of a region, providing nutrition and nesting. A common misconception is that all… Read More »

Resilience and Sustainability: Now and Later

By Subrata Bandy There is no question the pandemic has shifted priorities for a lot of individuals and entities. This past year has forced us to become resilient, as businesses, communities, and people. Resilience is the ability to recover quickly and bounce back from difficult situations. But the trend we are seeing is that we’re… Read More »

Innovative Engineering Expands the Role of Infrastructure

By Dan Sydow, PE Sustainability thought leaders around the world are changing the way we perceive infrastructure – the service mechanisms and underlying hardware that serve our communities every day. These systems supply clean water, power up our homes and businesses, enable safe travel, remove waste, facilitate communication, connect us to the internet, and much… Read More »