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What Makes a School Referendum Successful?

By Jodi Nelson and Anne Peterson You’ve already put a lot of work into identifying the facility needs and associated costs in your school district, and the community survey is complete. All that time and effort has translated into a facility referendum. Now the challenge is to educate your voters on the importance of the… Read More »

Crafting an Experience: Western Wisconsin Winery Design Wows Guests

On a recent midsummer’s eve at the Belle Vinez Winery, a soft light cast an ephemeral glow over the vineyard’s gently rolling hills, where rows of succulent grapes drooped from lush green vines. Friends lounged in the courtyard of the wood-timbered, tile-roofed, brick and limestone winery’s courtyard, casually clinking their glasses in a toast to… Read More »

Habitat Project Produces Some of the Most Efficient Homes in Wisconsin

Focus on Energy recently announced the locations of the most efficient new homes built in Wisconsin in 2013, and six of the top 10 are in the Eco Village development in River Falls, which one of our vice presidents helped design in support of St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity, which is building the compact,… Read More »