Sturtevant Durand Avenue Planning and Style Guide

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Ayres was hired to guide the planning and re-visioning of the Village of Sturtevant’s Durand Avenue (STH 11) corridor and the surrounding downtown area.

The project centered around two Village-owned sites that were intended to serve as catalysts for redevelopment of the entire Durand Avenue corridor. Ayres led a design charrette to gather ideas from project stakeholders and developed preliminary concepts for a 1 acre former bank site and an 11.3 acre Cobble Court site. The concepts included development types, building massing, parking, and outdoor programming. The Cobble Court concept was refined and rendered at the request of the Village and is intended to be the corridor’s highest priority for redevelopment.

Ayres also identified appropriate land use, circulation patterns, and development phasing for the entire Durand Avenue corridor and helped the Village select precedent imagery to guide its development aesthetic. These concepts and recommendations were packaged into a concise report to be shared with developers and the public.

Project Information

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Village of Sturtevant


Sturtevant, WI

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Planning + Development


Local Government