Over the years, we’ve been honored to welcome some of the most talented minds in the industry to our team, and our partners benefit from their knowledge, guidance, and expertise.

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Chris Silewski

Landscape Architect

Eau Claire, WI

"The 3D model created for Haymarket Plaza, in the core of our downtown district in the City of Eau Claire, was essential for the project to achieve community consensus and receive all necessary approvals. ... Without the 3D model, it would have been difficult to adequately illustrate the interactions and connectivity of all elements included in the Haymarket Plaza design."
David Solberg
Eau Claire, WI

As a project manager in Ayres' landscape architecture group, I bring creative and thoughtful input into the design process from conception to construction. Over the past 10 years, I have focused on creating dynamic, place-specific designs that incorporate a sense of wonder. My innate interests in community outreach, local typology, art, ecology, and regional design make me a valuable resource to any project aimed at engaging the public in creating a place-specific destination. This creative approach is balanced by my priority of analyzing existing conditions and discovering how a site's assets can accentuate and dovetail with the project goals and objectives. You can rest assured I overlook no opportunities in my engaging design process.

  • BLA, Landscape Architecture, North Dakota State University
  • BS, Environmental Design, North Dakota State University
  • Professional Landscape Architect, FL
  • Professional Landscape Architect, WI