FDOT Emergency Hurricane Damage Assessment

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The Florida Department of Transportation, District 4, contracted with several private firms to provide damage assessment inspection services after major storms. The District recognized the need for crews to take to the field as soon as possible after a storm to determine where safety hazards may exist, and the District realized its staffing limitations during and after severe weather events.

As one of the firms providing emergency response inspections to District 4, Ayres knows that planning the response begins long before the storm hits. Before 2005’s hurricanes, our crew already had an inventory of the structures they would be required to inspect. Crews prioritized routes and structures to be examined and determined how many inspection teams would be needed. After both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Wilma, Ayres had as many as six two-person inspection teams in the field at any given time. After each of these storms, crews performed more than 500 inspections.

Crews were responsible for inspecting structures in District 4 along Interstate 95. In each county, one crew traveled northbound along the shoulder, a second southbound, and a third along the median. Crews checked every overhead sign, culvert, and bridge, identifying any damages or hazards. After the inspections, Ayres prepared the required documentation and reports and provided minor design services for repairs.

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