Over the years, we’ve been honored to welcome some of the most talented minds in the industry to our team, and our partners benefit from their knowledge, guidance, and expertise.

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Andy Dana

Project Manager - Transportation Engineer

Green Bay, WI

"The project went well, and working with Andy Dana was great. He took the time to explain the process in lay terms, which, as a non-technical person, I appreciated. We had a few hiccups in the project that really weren't Ayres' responsibility – some last-second issues during construction – and, even so, he still helped us work through them."
Karl Jennrich
Town of Conover, WI

I've been with Ayres for more than 25 years. My primary responsibility is designing and managing transportation-related projects for state and local units of government.

I've spent several years managing construction projects as well as designing them, which has given me insight on what can be feasibly constructed. I incorporate this knowledge into my designs, minimizing the need for changes during construction. My experience includes intersection improvements, corridor studies, urban and rural roadway design and construction, highway design and construction, and interchange design and construction.

I have extensive freeway and highway design experience on major corridors as well as design and construction services experience on the first multi-lane roundabout in Wyoming.

Here are some of the areas of my expertise:

  • Construction observation
  • Field layout and inspection
  • State and county trunk highway design
  • Highway and street drainage design
  • Highway pavement design
  • BS, Civil Engineering (Transportation Emphasis), University of Wisconsin-Platteville
  • Registered Professional Engineer, WI
  • Registered Professional Engineer, WY
  • Registered Professional Engineer, CO