Construction Observation on I-94 Precast Panel Repairs

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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation retained Ayres for construction observation on the Department’s first major use of precast panels to repair a 5-mile stretch of I-94 from the US 12 interchange to the St. Croix River bridges. Compared with traditional cast-in-pace methods, the new approach shortens the timeframe construction crews are working, allows traffic back on the roadway sooner, and leads to much longer-lasting results.

Using contractors’ measurements, the concrete products manufacturer made each of the 210 panels to fit, numbered the slabs in sequence, and coordinated their placement on the truck for hauling to the job site. Crews shut down affected lanes at 11 p.m., removed damaged sections, and placed the precast panels in place. Traffic flow was restored much more quickly than with traditional repair methods.

Ayres was selected for construction observation because of our long experience on highway projects and our experience providing quality control for various concrete construction products. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is considering future uses for additional pre-made concrete panels, possibly in areas of heavy traffic where work windows are limited.

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Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Northwest Region


St Croix County, WI

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Construction Engineering


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