Glendale Landfill Monitoring & Modifications Design

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The City of Glendale contracted with Ayres Associates in 2015 to provide two years of groundwater and methane gas monitoring for the closed Bender Road Landfill and to provide modifications to the landfill’s design to accommodate a proposed development on and around the landfill. The City intends to develop a recreational facility on the approximately 15-acre municipal waste landfill, which ceased operations in 1976 and was covered with at least 5 feet of soil. The development, whose planning was provided by Rettler Corporation, is to include three baseball fields, a multi-use building, a small outdoor amphitheater, a playground, two separate parking areas, roadways, and new utilities.

Ayres’ role in the project was to develop landfill design modifications to accommodate the proposed development and submit the proposed modifications to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) for review and approval. The recreational facility will impact the final landfill cover system, components of the landfill gas control system, and the landfill gas and groundwater monitoring networks.

Our team worked with the City to review options for the redesigns and discuss design restrictions and criteria. Current landfill conditions were reviewed, and preliminary athletic field design plans and associated infrastructure and road development layout were discussed as part of preparing the landfill closure plan modification for WDNR review.

This contract, which also included working with the City’s construction engineer on oversight of the landfill modifications, follows three years of previous monitoring Ayres provided for the landfill.

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