Highway G Landfill Design, Construction & Monitoring

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Ayres has been providing design, construction observation, operational reviews, and monitoring services since 2011 for the Landfill Venture Group’s Highway G Landfill at Eagle River, Wisconsin.

Ayres initially provided permitting services and completed a plan of operations for a 7.88-acre expansion to the south and east of the existing landfill. Since the permitting, Ayres has performed Construction observation and documentation for the Highway G Landfill Phase 5 Module 1 liner. Work included construction observation and documentation, soil density testing, soil sample collection, geomembrane liner installation, and leachate collection and pumping systems. A construction documentation report and plans were completed for submittal to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), documenting the project’s construction in compliance with plans, specifications, and regulatory approvals.

Ayres subsequently provided the final design and construction observation and documentation for the Phase 5 Module 2 liner. Final design work included the design of an access road to Module 2 and the incorporation of a litter fence and a gas condensate handling/drainage system. Construction observation and documentation work included soil density testing, soil sample collection, geomembrane liner observation, and leachate collection systems.

Other services at the Highway G landfill have included a review and structural analysis of the landfill’s bioreactor operation, preparation of a special waste acceptance plan to allow the collection of additional nonhazardous materials, and negotiations with regulatory agencies to reduce groundwater monitoring wells, which has significantly cut the landfill’s monitoring costs. The landfill’s plan of operations has been modified to allow the acceptance of glass residual material from a nearby recycling operation to be used as an aggregate replacement and as alternate daily cover.

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