Brillion Iron Works Demolition Design Services

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Ayres is working with Ariens Company, the City of Brillion, and Brillion Works LLC on redevelopment of the Brillion Iron Works foundry. Ayres developed plans and specifications for demolition of the former foundry building, as well as bidding assistance and submittal of permitting applications.

The repurposed, reimagined 145-acre brownfield site may include new residential and mixed-use commercial offerings, an innovation center and maker’s space, a daycare facility, a STEM park encouraging kids to explore nature and interactive installations that demonstrate science and technology principals, as well as a daylighted streambed, walking paths, a playground, and recreation fields.

Bid specifications were prepared for asbestos abatement and facility demolition and restoration in conformance with planned future site use. Plan elements included the existing building and utility conditions, erosion control, site demolition, utility modification, sanitary rerouting, electrical disconnect, traffic control plan, site restoration and grading, and demolition details.

Permit services included application to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for a Low Hazard Waste Exemption for reuse of concrete coated with lead-bearing paint. Reusing the material on site saved the City significant costs over the alternative, which was off-site landfill disposal.

Part of the redevelopment effort included the demolition of multiple structures, which generated over 25,000 tons of construction debris and material from nearly 400,000 square feet of building demolition. Over 90% of the building materials were recycled or repurposed, with 80% of it used on-site. Of the less than 20% of the material transported offsite, over 60% was recycled/repurposed for aftermarket use. This resulted in very little material getting landfilled, saving money in the process.

The overall project of decommissioning and redeveloping this major industrial facility engaged many facets of the Ayres team, including:

  • Visioning and master planning

  • Branding and storytelling

  • Grant writing and management

  • Economic development

  • Park and pedestrian planning

  • Environmental assessment and remediation

  • Wetland delineation and hydraulic modeling

  • Structural inspection

  • Bridge and culvert inspection and design

  • Stormwater management

  • Deconstruction observation

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Ariens Company


Brillion, WI

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Industrial + Manufacturing