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David Land


Landscape Architect

Fort Collins, CO

I bring the perspectives of both consultant and client to the table. Landscape architecture clients appreciate that, and I think they recognize my genuine passion for consulting. In my over-20-year career, I have collaborated with an array of local, national, and international consultants, client teams, and sector experts to steward detailed design and implementation. This includes structural, mechanical, civil, electrical, environmental, health care, sports and recreation, zoological, and water feature consultants.

My approachability and lighthearted touch magnify my ability to collaborate with experts among Ayres' multidisciplinary staff as well as diverse project stakeholders. I pay close attention to detail, cover all the bases, and keep things moving. I especially enjoy working on public spaces where people meet and experience life.

I have been involved in planning, design, and construction administration for numerous complex site projects spanning civic, residential, retail, educational, brownfield, and sports and recreation spaces. Some of my specializations include:

  • Higher education and healthcare campuses
  • Civic/cultural spaces
  • Exterior sports surfacing
  • Recreation and park spaces
  • Green roofs
  • BLA, Landscape Architecture, Ball State University
  • Professional Landscape Architect, CO
  • Professional Landscape Architect, WY