Transformation of Glendale Landfill to Athletic Complex Wins Award

  • By Ayres
  • February 24, 2021

The Environmental Business Journal presented a 2020 Project Merit award to Ayres as part of its annual EBJ Business Achievement Awards. The award recognizes the environmental engineering expertise Ayres provided to the City of Glendale, Wisconsin’s Municipal Landfill Redevelopment project.

The five-year redevelopment effort turned the City’s former Bender Road Landfill site into a vibrant community park and collegiate-level baseball facility. Ayres designed complex modifications to the landfill cover, gas control system, and environmental monitoring networks. These modifications maintained the function of existing landfill components while reducing groundwater infiltration into the landfill and preventing direct human contact with waste and landfill gas at this 15-acre site.

Richard E. Maslowski Community Park features a synthetic turf baseball field completed in 2020. The crown jewel of the park, the baseball field hosts the Milwaukee School of Engineering and regional college teams. The park also offers an outdoor stage and amphitheater, playground, concession stand, locker rooms, restrooms, storage areas, veterans memorial, and community center.

Ayres’ team worked with the City to review options for the redesigns and discuss design restrictions and criteria. Preliminary athletic field design plans and the associated infrastructure and road development layout were discussed to prepare four landfill closure plan modifications.