The Civil Engineering Podcast Interviews Our Disa Wahlstrand

  • By Ayres
  • January 31, 2020

Good communicators go far in civil engineering, says Disa Wahlstrand, PE, LEED AP, vice president at Ayres. Disa never stops advocating STEM careers, and she’s dedicated to inviting women to the engineering team to foster well-rounded solutions.

In this episode of The Civil Engineering Podcast, Wahlstrand points out that good communicators go far in this field. Their ability to reach out to clients, listen, and understand ultimately produces projects that are not only technically outstanding but, more to the point, actually solve the client’s problems!

Interviewed by Anthony Fasano, PE, LEED AP, of the Engineering Management Institute and author of Engineer Your Own Success, Disa helps professionals and soon-to-be-professionals to understand the importance of effective communication on complex projects involving multi-discipline teams.

Wahlstrand also touches on how rewarding campus development projects are, and she talks about her passion for making sure girls are welcomed warmly into the challenges of math and science.