Some consultants bring only a hammer to the table, and they hit every project as if it were a nail. We don’t come right out swinging. Ayres sits down with the client to thoroughly define the project and the desired results. Our multidisciplinary teams then use an impressive array of tools under the coordination of a project manager who remains attentive to the client while creatively conserving their resources and confidently taming any problems to keep the project on course.

Aerial Mapping

Our experts provide clients with an impressive toolbox of customized aerial and ground-based mapping solutions.


Before we begin conceptualizing and designing a building, we do a lot of listening.

Construction Services

Ayres brings its strong design heritage to construction projects, allowing us to deliver quick, confident solutions in the field.


Our environmental engineers and scientists have the respect of regulators and clients alike.

General Civil / Municipal Engineering

Ayres is responsive to public and private sector clients’ needs, even when budgets are tight and timelines are demanding.

Land Surveying

Diverse services include transportation and energy corridors, geodetic control, and hydrographic survey.

Landscape Architecture

Outdoor spaces need the right feel and the right features.


Big projects require a vision – and a plan that clears everything that stands in its way.

Structural Design

Ayres’ mettle has been tested on the design of nearly 1,500 bridges as either new crossings or bridge replacements.

Structural Inspection

We have inspected more than 19,000 bridges and have performed more than 4,000 underwater inspections nationwide.

Telecommunications + SUE

We design, deliver, and document gas, data, and TV lines while mitigating conflicts and minimizing relocations.

Traffic Engineering

We deliver traffic impact analyses, signal design/coordination, intersection audits, roundabout design, and traffic calming.

Transportation Engineering

Transportation engineering is in our DNA. We’re a go-to firm for DOTs, counties, and small communities alike.

Water Resources / River Engineering

We're known nationally as leaders in bridge scour, highway drainage, river engineering, flood protection, and dam design.