Matlacha Pass CR 78 (Pine Island Road) Joint Utility Bore

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Our team provided design-build services including research, survey, design, permitting, construction, and signed/sealed as-built drawings for the joint subaqueous placement of utility conduits belonging to three utilities (Comcast, CenturyLink, and Lee County Electric Co-operative). Construction of a directional bore under the Intra-Coastal Waterway at Matlacha Bridge along CR 78 (Pine Island Road) included transport, offload, staging, and assembly of all conduit.

Permitting and design services for each bore included researching each area and the bridge construction documents to determine the location of existing utilities and the existing bridge and seawall structures and designing the proposed bridge, seawall, and drainage structures. Our team designed a survey and provided the signed and sealed directional path used for the conduit placements.

We coordinated with all State of Florida agencies and departments to obtain proper authorization to proceed with bore construction, which was conducted from upland to upland and had no environmental impact on the waterways. The existing utility was a sanitary force main and could not be compromised in such a sensitive ecological environment. Extreme care was necessary to prevent hitting the force main. The pilot bore was reamed and the bore tunnel enlarged to 24 inches in diameter by at least two back reams. The bore was cleaned thoroughly, and the conduit was extended to termination points next to existing pull boxes.

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Comcast of West Florida, Inc.


Matlacha, FL

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Telecommunications + SUE


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